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URGENT - POSTPONEMENT OF 16YRS GIRLS AFL, 18yrs TOUCH, 18yrs BASKETBALL TRIALS TO WED 25 MARCH, THURS 26 MARCH & FRI 27 MARCH DUE TO YCLONE NATHAN. Regional Championship information is now on the website!! 2015 draft calendar is available on the website!! New regional information is now on the website - for upcoming events please check our calendars!! Please check district information for your districts calendars!!

Peninsula School Sport was responsible for the provision and administration of Primary and Secondary School Sport in the Far North Queensland region, spanning south to Cardwell, north to Thursday Island and west to Croydon.

We are one of twelve Regional Sport Boards across Queensland. Under the Peninsula banner sit 6 13-19yrs and 15 10-12yrs districts and in excess of 45,000 students from 165 individual schools. Students with Disabilities are included in Primary and Secondary teams. Each year approximately 250 Primary students and 500 Secondary students are selected to represent Peninsula Region.

Peninsula is proud of its history and reputation: both of which have been achieved through a passion for students and their sporting endeavours and the hard work and dedication of its staff.

This website is dedicated to assisting students, parents, teachers and other interested people in accessing information related to their chosen sport.

Although we endeavour to keep this site up to date, we would appreciate any feedback on unavailable or inaccurate forms and information.

Office Hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

The office will be closed on Wednesday's to the public unless by prior appointment

Ph: 4033 2690                                                                                                                                

Fax: 4033 2765